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Shipping by land

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Shipping by air

Rent warehouses

Created in 1950 by Giuseppe Mosconi, whose family is still the guide today, the ONT S.r.l. has steadily increased its investments in the various sectors to ensure a standard of productivity, functionality and economy able to satisfy as much as possible the growing and different needs of its customers.

Thanks to the over twenty years experience and presence in the field of logistics, the ONT logistics platform, a few minutes from the center of Milan and the Fair and quickly connected to the adjacent North highways and all the ring roads, with a railway link with the Milan station. Certosa and a container terminal, is able to always guarantee a high quality service, due to the great experience and ability of management and employees.

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The order fulfillment, inventory management, shipping costs can often be a bottleneck for the e-commerce activities. The ONT goal is to ensure process control, optimization of fixed costs and flexibility of organization based on the number of orders that you have to manage.

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If you need to rent a warehouse, a workshop, or an office on our premises, there are various options. Warehouses and workshops from 50 to 2000 square metres, offices from 50 to 500 square metres. Parking for TIR trucks, lorries, vans and cars with a 24hr surveillance service.

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We offer a specialized service for car dealers with a Car Depot with both an asphalted outdoor area as well as an indoor storage area, with 24hr surveillance by armed personnel. We also offer all the necessary associated services to the automotive sector, such as car wash, etc.

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Ont ships your orders all over Italy and around the world by air, by sea and by land through an established network of suppliers who guarantee delivery of your goods to the end customer.

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ONT Magazzini Generali has an internal CUSTOMS AREA and we are able to carry out various customs operations such as Import Bills, Export Bills, VAT Deposit, Foreign Storage, AF, A4, UTF, Excise and other specific operations upon request.

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If you need to rent a warehouse, a laboratory, an office in our home you will have several options. Warehouses and Workshops from 50 square meters to 2000 square meters, 50 square meters of offices to 500 sqm parking spaces Truck, Trucks, Vans and cars with security surveillance 24 hours a day.

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